How to change MAC address in OS X Yosemite

- - Mac OS X
Change Mac Address

Changing MAC address can come in worthy when you are in a public wi-fi area or you want to protect your privacy. Changing Mac Address in a Macintosh is fairly easy. Just a little tweaking with the terminal and OS X Yosemite will change your MAC address in a jiffy....

Benefits of Interlinking your blog posts

- - Blogging
Tweak and Interlink blog posts

Interlinking blog posts together on your blog, can do a lot for you. While I started blogging, there was a time I never paid attention to these kinds of stuff. I never thought that interlinking blog posts can be really helpful in ways I never imagined. read more...

4 Free tools to check Google Algorithm updates daily

- - Blogging, SEO
Mozcast Google algorithm checker

When you are blogging one thing that you need to keep checking is the next Google Panda and penguin updates or any other search related updates that can better or screw you search result rankings. Google algorithm changes via analysing the search engine rankings, the content, the keywords involved and...