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5 Best AdSense Alternative

Every blogger here, wants to earn some money through Google Adsense. But, most of the people take many months to earn their first hundred dollars via Adsense. Therefore we are here with a list of the best 5 Adsense Alternatives.

5 Best AdSense Alternative

This is the harsh truth. Sometimes we are not accepted into the Adsense program due to our website’s niche or writing policy. Some even get banned for no reason. So what can you do to earn money without it. Here are the 5 AdSense Alternatives to make money without the Google program. Or simply, lets call them Adsense alternatives to earn money.

1. Affiliate Marketing – Best Adsense Alternative

Affiliate marketing is one of the long paying market for making quick and high amount of cash in no time.

Affiliate market is a way of selling product where you act as the negotiating medium. You promote a product for a seller on your blog, social network and forums and if you convince the readers to buy the product. The seller pays you a share of what the product is priced at.

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Suppose you convince your reader to buy a product worth $100, and the commission rate is 25% of each sale, than the product seller, will pay you $25 for each sale you have graced them with. It’s a commission system and today one of the fastest growing income method on the internet.

If your blogging niche is similar to mine. Try these networks to earn some good money.

2. PPC Agency other than Adsense

These agencies run as AdSense does. They also pay you for each advertisement a reader clicks on. These ad agencies don’t as much as Adsense but they are still competitive. All your conversion rate depends on the amount of traffic your blog gets. The more traffic your blog gets, the more Click through rate.

Some of the PPC advertisement networks that offer competitive rates against AdSense are :

3. Paid post and reviews

Paid post and reviews is one of the best AdSense Alternative, but it took a small hit due to the Google panda and Penguin algorithms. But, before you get opportunities you need to have a well reputed website, a website that ranks below 100k in Alexa and has a Good Google Page rank.

Paid post are those post, where an individual or an organization requests or asks you to write a blog post regarding a product. Normally you would 50 – 60% percent of total paid if you are getting these jobs through a brokerage website.

You can also allow paid post and reviews on your blog by standalone gigs. These gigs will allow advertisers to contact you directly and pay you for the post in 100%, therefore enabling you to earn all the income without paying a share to brokerage fees.

Some of the website where you can get these jobs are:

 4.Direct Advertisement

Direct advertisement is a way to attract individual organizations and companies to advertise on your blog and it is one of the best Adsense Alternative. This is normally done by placing advertisement pages like Advertise with us and leaving advertising spaces saying advertise here.

If you have an established blog, than attracting visitors won’t be a big deal and therefore you might also get some advertising agencies contacting you to display their products in your ad space.

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5. Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell ads is one of the highest paying advertising group in the whole world. This is more than an Adsense Alternative as it offers more money than Adsense.

But there is catch, Buy Sell Ads requirement are a bit tedious for a newbie blogger. It requires an Alexa Rank below 100k, A good Google Page rank and as well as Traffic more than 50 thousand impression a month.

Buy Sell Ads sells your ad spaces for a limited number of impression that you promises on your behalf. These ads normally run from a week to a month. Some organization pay you up to 3 months to display the advertisement.

I have seen websites and blogs making thousands of dollar using Buy Sell Ads and therefore I say, It is one of the best AdSense Alternatives.

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So, these are the best 5 Adsense Alternative that can allow you earn more money than AdSense itself.

Most of the blogger today are depending on these service rather than AdSense. Techzane itself is earning more from these services than it has earned from Google AdSense.

If you come to know about any other AdSense Alternatives, do let us know about them in our comments section below. Also do share your experience with these services as well.



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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers WordPress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

  • http://www.homenetmoney.com/money/top-high-paying-google-adsense-alternatives.php Kiran

    Very nice information I am using Google Adsense but getting very low cpc,it take more time to approval Adsense Account ,we find other Adsense Alternatives is Technorati Media,Exit Junction. . . .

    • http://techzane.com Yash

      yes, indeed. You have to target a small niche to earn big using Adsense

  • http://www.tricksfogeek.blogspot.com seggy

    finally i know how apply for buysellads ,so first of all i need to get ma domain..
    thank for this post .

  • http://www.tricksfogeek.blogspot.com seggy

    hi i tried chitika but it is very slow for me from last 4 month i just earn only $0.74 ,so now m not using anymore

    • http://techzane.com Yash

      yes, chitika has very low income rate, nowadays.

  • http://newspresstoday.com/ junbo

    We have be very careful when promote and market our website when using Adsense, because Google is watching us anytime, anywhere, we will get notice or ban by them if we make any mistake!