Benefits of using Responsive Themes

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Responsive theme

Today a web blog or a website is not only accessed through large display devices like laptops and desktop but also through devices like a smartphone and tablet. Therefore a blog needs to have a responsive theme for giving users full-blown experience as it. There are many benefits of using responsive theme for your blog. I have Drupal Responsive theme as well as WordPress themes and they are awesome.

Responsive theme

What is a responsive theme?

The word responsive means, reaction to a certain call or condition. A responsive theme is that theme, that changes with the display size and stays beautiful with all sizes and pixel density of the screen. Whether it’s a 3.5 inch display or a 32 inch display, these themes stay beautiful on the screen size.

These theme makes our blog presentable on tablet and mobile phones which are the future of computing. It’s a prediction that with the current rate of internet usage, mobile phones and tablet are expected to overtake PC in terms of internet access and therefore responsive theme are must. By, year 2014, expect these changes to take place. So be sure to get a responsive theme for yourself.

Why should we choose a responsive theme?

A responsive theme has plenty of factors which plays a crucial role in designing a blog. There are ways in which only responsive theme can help us rather than those non flashy ones.


The way that blog is presented is the first thing that attracts a new reader to the blog. Appearance matters a lot. Suppose some random guy on the internet does a Google search and clicks on the result that is directed to your blog. The first thing he will notice is your blog’s design. If you had a responsive theme, then the blog will optimize itself to give the guy a clean and beautiful experience. This presentation can turn a one time visitor into returning visitor.

I would recommend WordPress Responsive themes, as there are a whole lot of them here. I mean always host via WordPress because they are the most popular platform to host blogs and websites. If you want to use other platforms than try Joomla responsive themes.

Search Engine Optimization

Google takes in account web design very seriously for SEO. With more people using mobile data from one day to the other. Google has started taking mobile friendly web design into consideration. Google takes into account that the top searches should have a mobile friendly design else they are not on top. It is that simple.

If your blog has a non mobile friendly design, Google will drop your ranks, just for the fact that visitors will find difficulty in navigating through you content and understanding it. Some blogs and expert suggest that we should have two version for our blog design. One that is for computers and another design for portable web devices like mobile, tablet and PMP players. But, you should not do that. Have a responsive theme, it gives your blog more authority and increases trust factor.

Monetization layout


Responsive Themes have a better grasp of monetization. These themes adjust ads depending on orientation. If the screen is narrow, ads go to a different place and there are no hindrance with their scripts and design. A proper design will ensure banners and links are rendered perfectly over the internet. This way if you have a good amount of traffic that originates on your mobile design, then you can excel in monetizing department.


If your blog is 3-4 years old, check your website visitor statistics, there will be a steep increase in visitors from Android, iOS etc. These OS are of mobile devices. Today, as I mentioned before there is an increase of internet and search access from mobile devices and therefore, we see an increase of visitors from mobile device. If you have no responsive design, you may see stagnation of traffic or a huge bounce rate.

So, keep in mind that Responsive themes are great for traffic and lowering bounce rates. If you don’t have a responsive theme, go and get yourself one. I would conclude with this notion that if you love your blog, you would the best for it and a responsive theme is the way to go if your concerned in getting the best design for your blog.


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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers WordPress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

  • Mohammad Waqar

    No doubt responsive themes are the need of the Hour. Well explained

    Yash Bro is your theme Responsive?

  • Yaikoh

    And I did not have any idea about responsive themes until I stumbled in here, now I know! Well, websites should really have responsive themes for mobile users, this is just what I thought.