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Its good to add related post plugins for WordPress, why? Here is the reason. It’s been a while I have been blogging here at Techzane and I have written many posts until now. As a blogger I have to keep a watch at the bounce rate of blog. There is no better to minimize bounce rate of a blog, then using related post links. When we direct a visitor from the landing page to another post, our bounce rate reduces. A low bounce rate website is more credible in the world blogosphere than a blog with high Bounce rate.

There are ways in which people should be directed from one article to another with the help of many tricks and plugin. You can link content on one blog article to another. Inbound links, is what such links are called. Suppose I use the keyword Windows and link it another blog article in the same blog site. The reader might click it and then he or she will be redirected to that article. It helps me reduce bounce rate and get more page views.

There are also great related post plugins for WordPress based blogs.  Some are too good and some just decent. These plugins adds more zing to the blog and attracts user to read more from your blog. There are various animations and sparkling views that catches the eye of viewers who comes to your website. They allow various customizations in every unique manner one can imagine.

I am going through a list of related post plugins for a WordPress blog. So, those who use WordPress blogs can see the list below and know for themselves the best Related Post Plugins that help them blog better.

The best Related Post Plugin for WordPress

1.nRelate Most Popular Related Post plugin

Nrelated Related posts plugin

This is one of the highest rated related post plugin for a WordPress based blog. It has been downloaded more than 50k times and I had personally used it for a long-term. Until I changed my WordPress Theme  which already integrates a related post plugin.

Features of nRetate Most Popular Plugin

1. Automatically display before or after each post.

2. Use the [nrelate-popular] shortcode in your post.

3. Use our widget in any widget area in your theme

4. Place the nrelate_popular() function in your theme files.

5. Nifty related posts widget included.

2.Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP Related post plugin

This is another WordPress related posts plugin that is a good alternative to the given above. It is fast and reliable. It takes a low amount of server space and therefore  does not affect a website’s load speed. It’s abbreviated as YARPP.

Features of Yet Another related Post plugin are

  1. Thumbnails: a beautiful new thumbnail display, for themes which use post thumbnails (featured images).
  2. Related posts, pages, and custom post types
  3. Templating: The YARPP templating system gives you advanced control of how your results are displayed.
  4. An advanced and versatile algorithm: Using a customizable algorithm considering post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies, YARPP finds related content from across your site
  5. Caching: YARPP is performant, caching related posts data as your site is visited.
  6. Related posts in feeds: Display related posts in RSS feeds with custom display options.


This related post plugin shows user defined number of related posts below the post. It supports post thumbnails by default, so you don’t need to customize template. You can easily exclude display of related posts on pages and categories. This is a basic plugin and just supports. Related post in thumbnail style. A decent Related Posts plugin for WordPress.

4. nRelate Flyout

nrelated-flyout-WP-plugin related post plugin

This is my favorite related post plugin. It fly out in the right hand corner of my blog when a reader scrolls down my blog. They only scroll down when they have read the whole article on my blog and therefore a related post timing can’t be more correct. At this time, the reader might want to check my other blogs and therefore I add this plugin to show after the reader has read something on my blog. It gets me high number of page views everyday.

To know how it works scroll down and you will notice a box pop from the left side, better yet fly out. You will notice how smart and unique this related post plugin works.


I went through about 8 plugins to write this review. I only picked four. Why so? I picked only 4 because the other 4 were similar or had a negative impact on your website speeds. They also had some finicky reviews and people were unsatisfied with those related post plugins.

If you face problems in installing plugins then click here. If you face any other problems leave your comments below or connect us on our various social networks

So, these are the best related post plugins for WordPress blog.


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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers WordPress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.