Disable Hot Corners in Windows 8 – How To Guide

Windows 8 is great with touch screen, but what if you don’t have one. These non touch editions of Windows 8 feature hot corners that can be disabled. The hot corners feature in Win 8 is awesome and precise.

You can switch swiftly between apps, go to start screen with just a click and show up the charms menu. But, alas! not everyone likes it. Most of the old users loved the classic Windows 7 or older features.

Some people who have migrated from Windows 7 to Win 8 knows what I am talking about. I myself, took time in getting accustomed to the settings in Windows 8. The hot corners can sometime irritate you.

There are several keyboard shortcut that can let you do the same work that the hot corners do. So, you can totally live without them. Then how can you disable the hot corners in Windows 8. Well, here is a way in which you can get away from the annoying corners and accidental clicks leading to them.

How to disable Hot Corners in Windows 8

To disable hot corners in Windows 8, all you got to do, is follow our lead and you’ll done in minutes. These are very easy steps and if you face any kind of problems than, do leave comments. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

First of all, you have to open Registry Editor in Win 8. To do that hit the Win + R key and type down Regedit. The registry editor will open up, no navigate to this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell .


Right click on Immersive shell and point yourself to, new > key and select it. Name the key EdgeUI and hit the enter or return key. Now, right-click on the EdgeUI folder and select new > DWORD value (32-bit).

edge ui

Name the DWORD value DisableTLcorner and hit Enter.Create another DWORD value the same way and name it DisableCharmsHint.


DWORD 32 bit value creation


Double-click the DisableTLcorner value, type 1, and hit Enter. This will disable the top-left hot corner, which activates the switcher.

Double-click the DisableCharmsHint value, type 1, and hit Enter. This will disable the top-right and bottom-right hot corners, which reveal the charms bar.

changing Dword Values to 1 for disabling hot corners

TO undo these changes delete all the files inside the EdgeUI registry folder and the EdgeUI folder itself. Note that this not going to make them disappear. This method only removes the hot corner, but they can be accessed if you move them along the line of the corners.


You can also quickly access the hot corner functionality even after removing them by pressing Win + C for charms key and Win + tab key for switcher. As for the start menu you can download Classic Shell. Classic shell has an option to disable the start menu hot corner and make the older start menu come back to life.

These are the ways to disable hot corners in Windows 8 and get back the essence of Windows 7 on your Win 8 computer with Modern UI. Any doubts or feedback are welcomed in the comments section below.

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    • It’s only getting used to. Windows 7 is great and I was hung up on Win 7 also. But a month of use of Windows 8 changed it. It’s lighter and faster than 7.

  1. I followed your instructions and everything was fine for over a week, but all of a sudden now, every time my mouse strays to the right side, the apps screen shows up again. I retraced my steps and it all looks fine (with values of 1 in both data fields). Any further hints?

  2. I tried this but under the windows folder, all I saw was an Internet Settings key, there wasn’t any ImmersiveShell key :(

  3. This doesn’t remove the hotspots! It stops the graphics from appearing etc, but my mouse still gets trapped in the corners on a multiple monitor set up. There’s no point in removing this functionality if you aren’t actually completely removing the hotspots.


  4. Oh my @#$%@^#%! Okay, I feel better now.
    I cannot get the hot corners disabled, no matter what I try. I followed the steps above, and the hot corners are just as active as ever.
    I followed the instructions to the letter. Maybe I need to shut down and restart for the changes to take hold? I got this new Toshiba laptop for my birthday. Installed is Windows 8. I was not a fan of what it looks like, so I hunted around for help on the internet, and found the “classic shell” which gives you a toolbar and other things I missed from Windows XP.
    That helped.
    But these hot corners are driving me insane. 9 times out of 10, any time I move my cursor, the things pop up.
    Why aren’t any of the online suggestions working for me??

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