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Here I am with a DreamHost review for the year 2013. Dreamhost is a dominant web hosting company, which I needed to review as I have been a customer from the past one year. Here, I host 2-3 domains and all them are still hosted by DH. I speak very fairly and respectfully about DreamHost as it has never disappointed me.

DreamHost Review

DreamHost offers a 2 week trial run for their services, which is good for new customers that want to get a taste on what’s in store for them, a test drive sort of stuff. They offer all types of hosting services, fitting all pockets. Shared, Dedicated, VPS and WordPress, you name it and there they have it.

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You can buy unlimited domain for all the services. A shared or VPS service, all allows you to host a combination of domain to be hosted. The best thing about DreamHost is the 97 days money back guarantee that no other Web Hosting company gives. You can cancel your order and get a full refund from DreamHost.

DreamHost Review : Plans and features

There are various plans that the web hosting company offers, I am sharing them in detail here:

DreamHost Shared Web hosting plan :

 This is the most basic plan by them consists of :

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • DreamHost Mail Service with unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Full SSL support
  • Full SFTP/FTP support
  • Operating System is Debian Linux
  • cPanel enabled
  • DreamHost SMTP and IMAP support enabled mail service

This shared web hosting service can also run in trial mode. You can check the services and decide yourself, if you want to go with it or not. The plan is on the heavier pricing side and is more than regular hosting service prices. It costs you $8.95 a month with all services   in unlimited nature. They guarantee 100% up-time so that you can be sure of their services.

DreamHost VPS hosting plan :

This is a service meant for a blog or website that gets a high amount of traffic and want dedicated resources for their website or blog. VPS means Virtual Private Servers , These are virtual servers residing in a physical server with high amount of resources. Only the Server core is shared by all the VPS users.

The resources are partitioned and distributed to the new virtual servers so that, only they could access it and there is no sharing of resources between the servers. This means fast server speed and more reliability in managing high amount of traffic. The plans are such, all is same as shared plan, except the resources are not shared. The higher the RAM, the more reliable the server is :

  • 300 MB RAM – $15
  • 600 MB RAM – $30
  • 1000 MB RAM – $50
  • 2000 MB RAM – $100
  • 4000 MB RAM – $200

DreamHost Dedicated Server plans :

What is a dedicated server? Let me first tell you about it

A dedicated server is physical server that can be accessed only by one customer and the DH team in time of technical support. The resources are harnessed only by one individual. You get all the resources including the Processor that can vary in two forms, desktop grade and server grade.

Who needs a dedicated server, well these are servers that are needed by business organization that run high traffic websites and blogs. The website that use a domain for CPU intensive works also needs to run on these type of servers, to give the visitors a smooth experience while visiting the domain or blog.

The properties are shown below:

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting Plans

DreamHost Review : Reliability

One of the major thing in this review of DreamHost, visitor would want to know about the relaibility of Dreamhost. I have heard many people saying all kinds of thing about DH. But, none of them were true in my case. Provided you have the right plan to support your blog, you will never face any problem from the host. People who say DreamHost sucks are nut case in my opinion.

DH provides phone number and live chat support to its customers. Though the chat feature is not available to the people who are not a customer, I mean who don’t own and hosting plan on DH. This only adds to the benefit of the customers with a DH account. The live chat therefore remains fast and ultra responsive.

All technical problems are dealt within 24 hours, 90% percent of the time.  No technical issues are left unchecked and all are solved. The DH email responses are also good, they response within 6 hours. Expected verdict for Dreamhost is good in terms of Reliability.

DreamHost Review : Conclusion

DreamHost is a very popular Web hosting company and I trust this company far more than any other company. I have compared it to the other big names and it matches them in all aspect and is better than those in some areas and bad then them in some, but that is the nature of competition. You can go ahead and buy DreamHost Servers and here is a promo code

Promo code for $20 off on Web hosting plans : [highlight]TECHZANE1[/highlight]

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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

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