How to Enable Taskbar Notification for updates in Windows 8

In Windows 7, a user got all there updates notification near the lower left corner on the Taskbar. Its not the same in Windows 8, one does not get any information or notification for updates regarding Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 updates are installed automatically without any notification to user and therefore it might cause some problems to its user.

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This notification system in Windows 8 has changed big time. Microsoft says that they had disable it in default mode, to provide more of a user friendly environment but for power users this might become a problem, sooner or later. Windows 8 has auto updates. These Windows 8 updates are installed and after installation the system restarts. The ill-timed restart might hinder with your work and cause data lose, which is unacceptable in many cases.

So, here I show you how to enable taskbar notification for windows 8 updates. A notifcation allows you to choose when to install updates and how many updates to install. Therefore, providing a better control of your Win 8 environment.

To do this you have to change the settings of Windows updates. It can be accessed from the control panel and tweaked easily.

Steps on How to change Windows 8 Update settings


First of all open control, there are two ways to that, Press Windows Key + X and select Control Panel or open the charms bar and search for Control Panel.Then search and locate Windows updates and open it.


Now, on the left pane, select change settings. Under Important updates open the drop down box and select Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.


Now, press OK and save them with administrative rights automatically.

Now close the Windows 8 control and panel and download a software to bring updates back on the desktop mode other than the log-in screen.Click here to download Windows 8 Update notifier.

The above application is only needed to be run. It does not install itself and is portable by that means. Once, the executable file is opened it will show in the system tray.


Add it to the startup programs list and there, it will now start running on every occasion when you boot your Win 8 computer.


Now all the updates will be shown to you on desktop near the taskbar. Once there is an update, a pop up will come up showing those updates.When you click on the Windows 8 update pop ups, you will taken to Windows update panel where you can decide whether to install or not to install the updates.


By default the tool checks for updates every hour. You can change that easily from the settings screen.You can even choose to hide the icon when no updates are available. Another useful option on the context menu is to Disable Notification. It helps when you do not want any disturbance.

The Conclusion

This software is very important for me, because enabling Windows update on Windows 8 taskbar tells me which updates are available and gives me control on when to install them or not. The updates do show on the screen but I am different person when it comes to working on my computer. It is always turned ON and therefore I barely come across the log-in screen and come to know of the updates.

So people like me don’t get to know of the updates. If you are like me, then I would recommend you to follow these steps and keep a check on Windows updates. If you face any problems or have any feedback do leave us a comment below. I will reply as fast as I can. Thanks to Guiding Tech for this amazing guide.


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  2. Help! Written in WUN pop up that for WUN to automatically install the updates for the Windows Defender, it must be set up to run as an administrator, should I do so? And if I do so, will it be ok with my free avast and SAS?

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