Find Long tail keywords for free – No need to pay for it

If you are into SEO like me than you might have got an idea of Long tail keywords by now. This is a new kind of trick to draw natural traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

Long tail keywords tool and generator

Ranking high on Google especially is very hard for small websites and blogs. It requires proper techniques and research as well an expert knowledge in the field of Search engine optimization.

So we have develop our own tricks to attract visitor through search engine rankings and one way to this is to use long tail keywords which increase your search engine traffic by upto 200%.

So, here are the ways via which you can long tail keywords for free and they are very easy ones to follow.

Ways to find and generating long tail keywords

Use Google Suggest as long tail keywords Generator

Google search enables you to use it as long tail keywords generator for popular terms. It behaves as a proper tool when you search for your primary keywords, showing you the alternative long tails.

Just enter the primary keyword on the Google search bar and Google will suggest you the longer ones right in a drop down box by the search bar . Scroll down and use them to gain more traffic. It behaves as a long tail keyword generator.

Use related search results from Google

Whenever you search your primary words, Google shows you search results as well as related searches to the primary words. It emphasis on the fact that even Google wants you to use Long tail keywords.

To find these terms (they behave as the LTK), scroll down to end of the page and there you will see related search, use them. So Google provides two Long tail keyword tool right on their web page.

Use some more long tail keyword tools online

You can even use more tools if these tools are not enough. Go to Twitter and see what is trending in your niche and write on it. There will be various terms to the primary terms. Use them in your blog post and website.

You can also use other web tools which are free and does the job efficiently.

  • Google Trends : Use this engine to know the things that are trending with your keyword and add them.
  • Google Adwords Tool: Try to use this, one of the best research tool.
  • WordStream Tool : This is long tail search tool that will suffice your need for the keywords.

Use Google Analytics to find Long Tail keywords

If you are a webmaster, you obviously must be using Google analytics or some other analytics to find more Long tail keywords. You can check the terms that bring visitors to your blog or website. These terms may be single words or long tail words. You can learn those terms and use them in other articles as well. This analytic of yours is a good long tail keywords tool.

Google Analytics is the best long tail key generator that I have used in a long time (yes, in free service basis of-course). To find LTKs here you can go and find them here -> the path is Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic.

Browse Forums, Quora and other mass question and answer websites

Websites that have forum and website that are basically Q&A ones are the best area to find long tail keywords. You might have seen Quora, eHow and Yahoo answers on the top of many searches, why does this happen? Well the answer is the Long tail keywords.

You should browse these pages regularly to know about new words to target. They have a really strong position in the SEO market and people can really learn from them.

It’s your turn now, churn out the results now.

Well this is all I can share with you on Long tail keywords and how to get it for free. Premium tools are also available for finding long tail keywords, some of those offer a lot more intel on the keywords you are targeting and therefore they are better than the free tools. But still, these tools will suffice your thirst for long tail keywords.

So, share your experience with me and let me know if you find other Long tail keyword tool or generator which are free.

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