How to disable Start Up Apps on Windows 8 to speed up your computer

Why should one disable Start up apps on Windows 8, we discuss the reasons now.Windows 8 is fast, its not just fast but it’s wicked fast. But after a month or so, many users complains that there system had slowed down. Why, is this happening. Well, one reason is the amount of application one has installed. These application tend to slow down your start up or boot speed. If you have installed any application that start up as soon as you boot Windows 8, then your boot speed is compromised vitally.

What are these start up apps and how does they slow down booting or start up speed of Win 8. Applications like Gtalk, Skype, uTorrent start when a computer power ups. When this happens, a tremendous amount of work load is put upon your computer’s processor and RAM. Therefore you have slow boot sessions. Eventually, you start complaining about slow boot times and it irritates you. To stop this you have to disable these apps and get more clean boots. You will see for yourself that your Windows 8 based computer boots a hell lot quicker like before.

This is a step by step guide where I will show you how to disable start up apps on Windows 8 for a neat, clean and fast start up. After you have done this, you will see great work speed and boot speed in Win 8.

Steps to disable start up application on Windows 8

First of all after you boot into Windows 8, press ctrl + alt + del. Now select task manager.

Disable Start up apps on windows 8

Once the task manager is opened select the startup tab on the upper bar of the taskbar. Here you will see a list of applications that run during start up of Windows 8. These applications impact is shown under startup impact. Those who have high and medium impact level should be disabled by selecting them and clicking on Disable. Other stuff that the taskbar will show is the Publisher name and status. Under Status it shows whether the application is enabled or disabled. So you can be sure that you disabled your selected application.

Task manager start up app on Windows 8 disable

So this is you can disable start up apps on Windows 8. After disabling you will have better boot up speed. If still speed is hindered then you can uninstall unused programs. This also results in faster boot times.


I have low amounts of program enabled and low amount of programs installed. Therefore my Windows 8 still starts like a rocket and these tricks keeps the pace decent always. I would recommend you to leave your comments below if you see any changes in your start up times. If you any doubts do contact us below via leaving comments. So, this is how you disable Start up apps on Windows 8, stay tuned for more on Windows 8.



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