How to Make Wireless Ad hoc / Access Point in Windows 8

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Windows 8 had many new features, but the wireless ad hoc / access point feature was missing. Though, some of the old features were missing or those were hidden deep inside Windows 8 structure. One of those was making a Wireless Ad hoc or access point connection in Win 8. All the older versions of Windows, like Win 7 and Win XP had this feature. They allowed a person to make wireless ad hoc connection over your WiFi card. But, this feature was missing out in Windows 8, for some reason. Maybe it was some security issue or it was done to reduce stress on the new operating system.

What is a Wireless Ad Hoc / Access Point?

A Wireless or WiFi ad hoc or access point is a kind of network. When we setup an ad hoc, our computers uses the in built WiFi card to broadcast files and a wired internet connection. It is like a LAN connection where one transfers files and folders. You can even share a wired Internet connection via a Wireless Ad hoc. Your WiFi device in short acts like a WiFi router. You can take a look at how one can share files and folder via LAN too. Somehow, this ad hoc feature is missing in Windows 8.

How to set up Wireless Ad hoc / Access Point in Windows 8 ?

First of all you open command prompt in admin mode. To do this, open the search bar from the charms menu on the left corner. Search cmd and right-click on it. Select run as administrator from below. Here we start making a wireless ad hoc / access point in Windows 8.

Opening Command prompt as Admin to create Ad Hoc in Windows 8

Run down the command as written here in bold, netsh wlan show driver. You will have to search if your network card supports ad hocs. Search for a line Hosted network supported  : Yes . If you get a line like this proceed to the next step.

Hosted network support ad hoc

Now enter these lines with changing the markup tag as you wish.

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<enter_network_name_here> key=<enter_password_here>

Change the name and the key as you want to. Now enter netsh wlan start hostednetwork .You are done for an adhoc here. If you want to connect to the internet then you have to done one more step in making an ad hoc / access point in Windows 8.

Enabling Ad hoc in Windows 8

If it’s not already enabled, you need to allow Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for your currently-active internet connection. Simply open Network & Sharing Center, and in the properties for the current internet connection, enable ICS. Make sure to select the ad hoc connection under Home networking connection.


Now you can connect to any device using an Ad Hoc connection / access point in Win 8. You can even share your wired internet connection with other WiFi enabled device you have. You just have to start this connection every time you want to use the internet on WiFi powered devices.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of using Command Prompt and entering commands to make an ad hoc connection then I would recommend you to use virtual  Wireless network making applications and softwares like Connectify. Just Google or Bing them and you will get to know about these software yourself. The only downside of these apps are they are not free and the free one are very unstable. I would recommend you using the command prompt method for best experience.


So this is how you make a wireless ad hoc in Windows 8. I admit the start orb is not only missing. There are other features too that are missing. One can find enormous changes in Win 8 when they go down to a power user level. Wifi Ad hoc is just one part. I will try to tell you people more about Win 8. So, you need to stay connected to Techzane, to keep up with more technical trivia and blogs. Till then have a great using the Ad Hoc you just created.

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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

  • saeed

    wi fi properties-sharing== not found local area connection
    please help me.
    please answer send for mail.

    • Yash

      Please elaborate Saeed, I can not help with low amount of data.

  • kowsar

    when I put “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” it shows-
    The hosted network couldn’t be started
    The group or resource is not in the correct sate to perform the requested operation.

    please help me out form here……

    • Yash

      Your wifi hotspot feature is disabled. Try to update your drivers and try again!

  • husnan

    i tried the method and made the ad hoc. but when i try to connect my andriod phone, it gets stuck on “obtaining ip address”.

    • Yash

      Husnan, I guess this is a problem regarding your android phone. Try to reset the phone. It may help your problems. And yes, all the Android phones do not support Ad hoc networks.

  • Mihir

    I have seen the above mentioned method on many websites, but I could never get it to run. So I started using connectify.
    I have internet connection through Ethernet. After starting the hostednetwork, on which adapter do I need to enable sharing? Is it the WiFi adapter regardless which adapter has the internet connection? Or do I enable sharing on the Ethernet adapter?

  • Vijay Rajbhar

    I am always like your website because in this website i am updating my self. you guys are doing very good job. now i have read your post its really very informative for windows user. if you need to know more about

  • Darrin

    I’ve seen this method on several websites. No problems with the command prompts, but anything I try to connect to the network shows a low connectivity. When I go to the wi-fi properties/sharing screen, the Home Networking Connection shows “Ethernet” with no other options.

    Any ideas?