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The perfect theme

Selecting the perfect theme for your blog decides the standard of it. The future and success of your blog depends highly on what theme you use. A perfect theme will be the outlook of your blog, not only does it provide the design but it also changes the SEO scene of your blog. The perfect theme Yes, a theme in itself is necessary for SEO. The more SEO friendly the theme is, more you are bound to rank higher on Google Search for your targeted keyword. I am a WordPress blog user and therefore its obvious I am going to talk about themes related to WordPress. I can just share the expertise I have in the field of WordPress theme, so read carefully and learn the impact of themes on a WPress blog.

Select a theme related to your niche/Industry

The most obvious point here is selecting a theme related to your niche or industry. Select a theme that suits your blog rather than going for a totally random theme. Like, if you are into photography, then get a theme that glorifies your photos at a great level rather than getting a magazine style theme (which are suitable for tech and How to blog web blogs ). There are a ton of WP theme for each niche, seriously thousands of theme. Find a theme / template related to your blogging niche or industry and make a logo similar to the design of your template. Matching the theme colors and typography with the logo. Add in a little SEO and you have a recipe for success. Even people with low-budget should heavily consider a proper theme because at the end, you will come to know how much this small investment had on your blog.

Simplicity and minimalism is the key

Selecting a WordPress theme for a blog today has changed from the past. Many templates are there that look flashy and lovely for a blog. But, this does not succeed always. People tend to love minimal and simple design today. A blog that is easy on the eyes is where I hang out all day. Look at the big names, Engadget, Slashgear, Techcrunch etc. People love these blogs, why because they have a gorgeous yet easy on the eye design. Selecting themes for WordPress blogs, should be done in such a way that you come with an attractive yet simple design.

The never-ending debate of premium themes versus free themes for WordPress

No matter what happens, there is one debate that is evergreen in the world of bloggers. The debate of WordPress themes, whether you should buy a premium theme or live with a free theme. I always go with Premium theme as they offer great support, SEO features and Flexibility. Try to join theme clubs that offer high amount of theme at a low price. Free templates on the other hand has normally poor support, encrypted black hat links and lacks many crucial features. If you are on low-budget than you can go for free themes or templates and as soon as earn something switch to a good premium theme. You can check this article for further guidance : Free theme or Premium themes . This might help you selecting the perfect one for your WordPress blog.

Check Browser compatibility

Always check the themes for latest technical compatibility with the browser and other internet guidelines. It’s good to check if the theme W3 validated (check here). Make sure the theme is compatible with all kinds of browser, even Internet Explorer ( Even though it has a low user count but still it exists). Keep a check if the templates are rendered properly on all browsers from Safari to Chrome. Once you know that the theme is compatible go ahead with your choice and select it for your WordPress blog.

Check for outbound links

This is very important. When you get a theme, they have outbound links to the websites of the developer and other sources. You should avoid those links, if you get a theme with outbound link, delete all these links. There is a catch with free themes, these themes have encrypted links. An encrypted outbound link is very hard to remove, nearly impossible. So I would suggest never to use such themes and find themes that allow modifications and removal of links. There are free themes that allow you do just this.

My Recommendation, companies that offer phenomenal themes for WordPress blog

I have tried many templates for WP, right now I am using a theme from WPBandit. One of the emerging theme seller for WordPress. I have modified the theme to match the niche of my blog. I have also used other themes for other projects of mine. Here is a list I would recommend you to go for. Select the perfect theme for your WordPress blog from the list below.

If you face any problems deciding on how to select the perfect theme for your WordPress blog, do comment. Also please comment if you loved the article or have any kind of feed backs.

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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.