How to Setup CloudFlare CDN for your blog

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Cloud Flare CDN for your Blog

CDN are one of those major stuff that a professional blogger should use. CDN is the abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. A CDN boost the speed of your blog or website by making changes in the name servers of your blog. In this world of fast online surfing, one has to make their blogs faster and reliable. That is what a CDN does.

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) ?

Cloud Flare CDN for your Blog

A CDN basically means, content delivery management. Your blog, is accessed from all around the world and therefore, distance does play a factor. I mean the distance from the main server to the device that has requested a page from your domain. The longer the distance, the more hurdles the main server has to cross, to send the data to you.

What a CDN does is that, it has servers in most locations around the world, and stores your data in them. They copy all the data of your web-blog and stores them on their servers. So, next time a person makes a request of opening a page from your website or blog. The Content Delivery Network, will know where the request is coming from. Then, it will locate its nearest server and send data from their. It’s that simple. It is reliable and it is easy. This technology is based on cloud computing.

CloudFlare CDN service

I personally use this CDN service, cause it is one of the fastest and reliable CDN network I have ever come to know. The best part is that the service is absolutely free. You can add more than one website for free. There are also premium plans, which gives you better control for your blog. But, the free one does the trick that a blogger desires.

How to register and use CloudFlare CDN service

To register for CloudFlare CDN service first of all click here. Now, you have to sign up for a new account. Add your personal and blog data and then register. After registration, click the websites link on the above half of the page.

Once you are there, Enter the domain name you want to register and click on Add Website. Once clicked, CloudFlare will start a record scan for 60s and record all the data of your website with the various IP address and DNS it is linked to. Once, it does those test. It will take you to a new page.

Cloud Flare CDN DNS records

This page contains all the info of your blog or website. Here, you have to cross all the records and address of your blog. See, if they are right and make corrections or add records that are missing. Once you have made all the correction. You can submit the data. Scroll down and click on the button in green.

You have to choose a plan here. Select the free one. It is fine. In the performance drop down menu. Select how you want Cloud Flare CDN to work for. Select Basic if you don’t want Cloud Flare messing any stuff on your webblog or else choose the more aggressive plans. Select the security plan to medium. This will keep the spam bots and hackers away from your blog. Hit continue.

Now, update your name servers, via the website manager tool of your respective host and then again hit continue again. Congratulations your CloudFlare CDN is set up and will start running from 0-36 hours.


Once, you have registered for Cloud Flare CDN service, you will start seeing better load speeds of your blog. More visitors will flow in due to faster data processing and speeds.

Going for a premium plan, will give users SSL protocol, making your blog even safer environment to work on. Hackers will have a hard time bringing your blog down.

If you face any problems with CF or have any doubts on CDN, feel free to share them below in the comments section. You can also share better CDNs with us in the comment section and we will discuss the topic further.

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is the founder and author at techzane. He loves to write and read about tech. He covers Wordpress, Windows and Ubuntu on his blog and other technology based news. Follow me and feel free to connect on the social network beside.

  • Rashmi Sinha @ Samsung Galaxy Rumors

    if a blog takes 3 seconds extra people bounce from it!!!
    That’s a truth.
    After reading this I again realized how important the load up time for blog is.
    Thanks for share.

    • Yash

      It is.. CDN is a must have in the world of blogging today. Rashmi it is a request, not to use keywords with your name. Please keep that in mind, the next you are commenting. I treat them as spam. It is the last comment I am allowing. Write only your name when commenting. Sincere request.

  • Achin Jain


    It is nice article

    I want to confirm if you are using cloudfare CDN than how it is affecting the performance of your Blog..

    • Yash

      IT helps a lot in the performance of my blog. It has not only made accessing my blog faster but added a layer of security and now I’ve less amount of bots intruding Techzane.

    • Noman

      Cloudflare can check my site speed

      • Yash

        It is obvious it will work, if you did set the things the right way.. Thanks for the comment Noman!

  • Wikyo

    Great article, it was really helpfull to me, i was wondering how to set up cloudflare for blogger blogs, do i have to get my own domain name ?
    Thank you and god bless you